How to find the issue date on your DNI or Passport

The date of issue of the DNI or Passport is an important reference because it is used to know its validity. It is evident that the DNI or Passport are important documents and even more so to be identified when traveling. Therefore, to register travelers for any vacation rental, it is essential to have these updated documents.

The traveler entry report , as you well know, is the document obtained when sending your guests' data to the police, so that an exhaustive control is carried out on all the travelers who pass through your holiday home .

One of the data that must appear is the date of issue of the guest's DNI or Passport. This is information that appears visible in the documents and is not very difficult to find. But we want to make it even easier for you and show it to you visually in this article.

Expedition date for self-registration with Check-in Scan

On the other hand, if you are a guest who has arrived at your vacation home and are going to self-register with Check-in Scan, it will also be very useful for you to know how to locate this information to complete the process. In addition, it is advisable to be certain that you are not in any case of expiration. Depending on the document and age, the renewal deadlines are different. There are usually no problems with the DNI because it is a document that we use frequently. But, it may happen that you need the passport and it is expired because you do not use it as much.

Date of issue on the DNI

Finding the date of issue of the DNI is extremely simple. In version 2.0 , you have to look at the front left in a box with the legend “ DNI ”. The numbers printed above are the date of issue. In version 3.0 , you'll need to look on the front right , above the thumbnail photo . As we show you in the following image.

spanish ID
spanish ID 2

6 digits are used , the first two belonging to the day, the second two to the month and the last two to the year. If, for example, the figure is 280715, it will mean that the DNI was issued on July 28, 2015.

Issue date on the Passport

The passport is a document used to travel. And the way to identify the date of issue is simpler, if possible, than in the case of the DNI.

In the case of the passport, you have to search on the main page . Once you open it, where your photo and information , you will see the issue date and, also, the validity limit.



Sending your guests' details to the police and keeping the traveler's entry report is an essential security measure required by law. Therefore, having the tools that implement it easily is a point in favor of your business for a matter of profitability. The Check-in Scan is very practical for registering the entry of travelers into any tourist apartment, holiday home or small hotel establishment . Saving cumbersome procedures and thus complying with what Spanish legislation determines. Everything is to comply with current legislation and to make the entry of any guest a much simpler and more bearable process.

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