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I´m delighted to have found the Check-in Scan app. I love the agents feature that allows me to delegate meets to other people, and still get the documentation sorted without me being there! Thanks!

Madeleine O´Garra

So far in 2018 HomeCareontheWeb has welcomed over 14,000 guests to the Costa Del Sol. Check-in Scan has improved our registration and Check-in process, ensuring a more efficient and seamless experience for our guests. We have received great technical and professional support from the team at Check-in Scan. HomeCareontheWeb does not hesitate in recommending this innovative registration tool.


The app is very intuitive, perfectly organized and prepared to carry out it´s purpose. I find that it is one of the most useful apps I have looked at. I found out about the app via the national police who recommended it to me for being one of the best working apps in the marketplace, explaining that they don´t make a commission for recommending us. I have personally been able to experience (Check-in Scan´s) customer support, advice and help which I would say is a 15 out of 10. Miss Ione was very attentive, efficient, patient, kind and a good problem solver, way beyond my expectations of what a customer support agent should be. For which I would like to congratulate her and in general the whole team, who have made this type of app a real possibility, an app that really makes life easier. If you have any doubts or questions, ask for her as she will resolve it all quickly in a friendly and professional manner as she has done so for me. Greetings!

Rufina Alejandra

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