Traveling cheap: 10 tips for you


Traveling cheap: 10 tips for you


1 Book in advance

When looking for cheap flight tickets or cheap accommodation prices, try to book in advance. The prices are way cheaper this way and you have many more options at your disposal.



2 Avoid tourist places

Tourist places are known for their high prices when looking for a restaurant, shops and entertainment.

Instead, take a look at the local shops and restaurants. This way the food will be much cheaper and better.

3 Travel off-season 

During the high travel seasons such as the summer, prices will go up in every part of traveling: flight tickets, accommodations, entertainment etc. The best way to travel cheap is by traveling during the off-season. Tickets and accommodations will be cheaper and there will be less tourist walking around.  

4 Fly during the week 

When choosing flight tickets, try to look for flights during the week instead of the weekend. This way your ticket will be much cheaper as the majority of the people wants to fly during the weekend, causing the prices to be higher.

5 Be prepared  and don´t  waste any time

Before your travel journey begins, be prepared. This includes, choosing your destination well, packing the right clothes, get familiar with the language and the transportation. All this preparing will save you time and money during your travel, so don’t forget this step.



6 Get local recommendations 

Being new to a place, it can be hard to find the best shops or restaurants. Especially when traveling, ask locals for any recommendations as they are the specialist. They can surprise you with the most beautiful and delicious places.

7 Shop at local markets 

Depending on the destination, try to shop at local markets. These markets provide usually cheaper products in terms of clothing and food. And a big plus of these markets, is experiencing the culture of destination firsthand.




8 Take local transport 

When traveling on a cheap budget, a taxi is not always the best option. Instead, take the local transport and explore your traveling journey. It is not only cheaper, but it will also show you more of the travel destination then the taxi is able to.

9 Look for free attractions  

When traveling, people tent to go to the touristic places where a fee has to be paid. However, people forget about the beautiful free attractions that they could visit. If you are traveling cheap then forget about the pricey attractions and instead look for the free local beauty.


10 Search for an apartment with a kitchen instead of a hotel 

Traveling on a low budget can be difficult. If you find an apartment that has a kitchen, you can always prepare yourself something to eat instead of having to go to restaurants every day.




And don’t forget to follow the instructions on How to travel around Europe in times of Covid-19 to have everything ready before arriving at the airport.