Check-in Scan, your guests' registration app.


Send your holiday guest´s passport or ID details to the police automatically & get your “Parte de Viajeros” signed in a fast, easy & secure way to meet legal requirements.


We understand the inconveniences of the new tourism rental laws that require holiday rental companies and property managers to collect guests details and obtain the guest´s signature for the "parte de entrada de viajeros". This needs to be done 24 hours within the guest arrival too!
So we decided to create a solution that simplifies this process, saving you valuable time!



No more typing out guest passport or ID card data! With Check-in Scan, your phone will scan the details in a snap!



Our app will automatically send your guest check-ins for each property to the police. No more logging and typing details manually!



Our app allows for signature capture also for each guest checking in and it creates the parte de viajeros. Less paperwork for you, and better for the environment.



Download the app now and get 10 CREDITS for free, so you can try the app, no credit card required! Try before you buy!



Your details are private and protected in an encrypted database. Any communication between any of your devices and Check-In Scan is done through SSL tunnelling. Hourly backups.



No monthly fees. NO LIMITS on how many properties or agents you can add. Get all the benefits for a standard and economical scan price for each guest.

Check-in Costs Calculator

How much time and money do you spend on your check-ins each year?


In case the features above weren´t enough, we decided to add some new features to make your life easier as holiday rental agent!


Employees, cleaners, airport transport companies, etc. can download the app and do check-ins for you, based on your master account.


Our app can work offline, so if you are out in a patchy area of internet coverage, don´t worry, it will sync up when you reconnect


If you own a small hotel or hostal, this feature may prove useful as you can identify guests based on the room they stayed in.


Our app will create a book between 100 & 500 pages to store your check-in registration forms which you can download and print.


If your guests arrive at the property without your assistance, they can scan a QR code and check themselves in using our app.


We provide you with a breakdown of how many scans have been used for each property, which may be useful to you when reporting to the owner.


You will have access to all the important information for you: payment methods, billing, property management, check-ins made...etc.


Our app is offered in English & Spanish with other languages soon to follow. We speak your language!


Check-in Scan is available to use on both android phones as well as iPhones.

What does Check-in Scan look like?

Below you will find some screenshots of what the app looks like. To see for yourself all that it can do for you, why not download it today?

2 guests checked in 1 minute with Check-in Scan App


This is your personal area where you can manage all your properties, see your check-ins and much more!


Frequently asked questions

We hope that the questions and answers listed below will provide you with the information you need on the most common queries. If not, feel free to contact us.

The Check-in Scan app runs on most major smartphones and on both IOS and Android operating systems.

  • 2 Megapixel camera.
  • iPhone 4S or higher. Running IOS 8.2 or higher. (March 2015)
  • Android "Jelly Bean" 4.1 (API 16) or higher. (July 2012)

As the app can be used in a demo test mode, your best option to see if it will work is download it and give it a go!

If you are in the holiday rental business, whether you rent, manage and/or own properties for holiday lets, you will most likely have heard that these properties are known as "Viviendas con Fines Turísticos" and require a tourism license. Part of the licensing obligations mean that you need to send guest ID data to the police within 24 hours of the guest arriving to the holiday property. In addition, you are required to get each guest to sign a "parte de viajero" or guest check-in registration form, which you need to keep in a book or file for each property for the next 3 years. If you require specific information about the law, please email us

Whilst there is very little evidence to suggest that rental properties have been fined (yet), the figure can run up to €150,000 (see link) It´s important to note that this change of legislation is recent and the assumption is that the authorities are quite relaxed whilst the majority of rental properties register for their licenses to comply. However, it should be noted that an industry quite close to the private rental accommodation market, e.g, the hotel market have had fines handed down to them for not providing guest data to the police.

Our app is based on a pay per usage model, no monthly fees, no commitments. We believe that if you like our app, you will stay and if not, well, we need to put it right! Scan credits, which are paid for in advance and can be purchased once you have created your free account, allow you to scan a guest´s ID, collect their signature and transmit that data to the police as well as create your "parte de viajeros" for each holiday guest. You can add an unlimited number of properties and agents to use the scan credits you have in your account.

Yes we do. Once you log in to your customer area you will see that buying more volume in advance will be more cost effective for you.

Yes, we´re very grateful for any new customer´s you can send us. Once you have made your first top up, you will be able to share an invite code on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or by email. If a new customer signs up and makes his first top-up, you will receive 10 FREE credits.

Our app scans the "barcode" of passports and ID cards, you will find it at the bottom of the passport or on the reverse side of an ID card. Looks like this MRZ

An agent is basically someone who can use the app based on your settings, to include your configuration, properties etc. Essentially an agent could be an employee that does the "meet and greets" for you or it could be a cleaner, a transport company, a neighbour, etc… You can add as many agents as you wish to your app.

It really depends on your preference. You will find that some guests will prefer to just use their finger and others may feel more comfortable using a stylus. If you are going to allow guests to do Self Check-in at your properties, it may be a good idea to have a stylus close to the QR code sheet so they can use it if they wish.

When you download our app and register, we automatically place you in demo mode. This allows you to test the scanning of the passport or ID card with your phone camera so you can use to it before you do any real check-ins with customers. It also allows you to test the digital signature pad. Any scanning or signatures done in demo mode do not get registered with the police, in fact, they are not kept on the database at all so please feel free to test away!

Once you run out of demonstration credits or even before if you wish, it will go into "live mode". So at this point, and if you wish to continue using the app, we will need you to add your property(s) into your customer admin panel so that the app can do the check-ins against the properties you have added.

Oh, and yes, you get 10 FREE credits to use on real check-ins to get you started!

Yes. In fact anyone who downloads the app will be able to use demo mode on their own phone. Each phone is slightly different, so it´s basically a question of getting used to using our app on their phone.

Yes, we do offer Support through the chat interface which is available between 10am and 6pm. For enquiries outside of these hours please send us an email to and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Well, we will be sad to see you go of course, but you have no contracts with us so you are free to leave whenever. You can download all your parte de viajeros books for each property at any point in time, so just do that before you wish to close your account and then send an email to and we will advise of you of the steps to follow.

We comply with current data privacy legislations and technically we make every effort to ensure your data is safe. We don´t keep data unnecessarily either, if you cancel your account, we remove all of your account data. We also clean our server on a nightly basis to ensure that any unneeded documents are removed.

Any sensitive data, including guest personal details as well as any login codes to the national police or guardia civil is encrypted on our database to 1028 BIT SSL. We do not email you guest data, everything you need to work is in your web based control panel and/or in the app and access to these is via secure SSL tunnelling. Hence, all important data is contained to a high level of security and privacy within our system. In addition, we keep track of every digital document on our server and it is cleaned on a nightly basis to ensure that very little documents are available within our file systems.

At the moment there are no plans to change the pricing. We believe that our pricing is fair and the app is feature-packed and offers great value.

Yes, we do have a lot of features that we want to develop that will add even more value to the service. If you have any ideas, we would be happy to hear them. Drop us an email to


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Pay per go, no monthly fees
All features above included
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