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7 reasons to choose Check-in Scan

1.- Scan, Sign and Send traveler reports to the police in seconds!

According to Order INT/1922/2003, of July 3 , on traveler registration books and entry reports, owners who rent their establishments must collect information from their guests and send it to the police within 24 hours.

Furthermore, now, the annex to the regulations allows the process to be digital, so you have complete peace of mind when using our tool!

To do this, they must use a traveler registration form that must be signed and completed. This entire process requires a lot of time on the part of each guest and the tourist establishment.

Check-in Scan application you can do it in a matter of seconds, facilitating instant compliance with the law and thus avoiding sanctions.

SCAN – SIGN – SEND All with a CLICK!

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2 Check-in Scan takes care of you

At Check-in Scan, we care about creating security and we are up to date with regulatory updates so that you can rent your homes for tourist use, hotels, hostels, rural accommodations, apartments, hostels, campsites or camper areas, among others, without any problem or worry.

We work with numerous tourist accommodations that endorse us, guaranteeing the protection of the data of their guests and owners by encrypting the content.

In addition, sometimes the police pages are under maintenance or offline, when this happens, you must wait for them to be restored and manually submit all the documentation later, this creates delays, forgetfulness or saturation in the pending documentation, but With Check-in Scan you can forget about this, you just send the registration, with the confidence that when the page is operational again, we will send the documentation automatically.

And if you have any questions or queries, you have a support and customer help team to resolve any online situation.


At Check-in Scan, we understand our customers and what they are looking for or need.

That's why we created an easy and intuitive app. It has a “step by step” to help you throughout the process. It adapts to all types of establishments regardless of the number.

or accommodation units it may have. Additionally, if you do not have an internet connection, you can use the registration application and the scanned data is saved until the connection returns and it can be updated. The user can configure the System themselves, including their rooms, properties, number of rooms among others, or can request a configuration from Check-in Scan. Easy!


Since document digitization, we do not have to print any paper. We take care of the environment. Time is money, and not wasting it printing, signing and scanning saves costs and staff time. Furthermore, when it comes to destroying data, it is much simpler and safer.

The best way to protect and reduce paper use is by registering on our website .

This way, you can collect your guests' information before their arrival without having to download the app.

All you have to do is CLICK on the link from your mobile, computer or tablet

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5.- Good price and excellent service

At Check-in Scan we care about our customers, which means being transparent with them. We listen to your needs and adapt to offer you what you need depending on the type of accommodation unit you have. Pay according to your accommodation.

If you need help, our customer support team is ready to serve you and take as much time as they need to resolve any issues or questions, through instant chat, email or phone support. “frequently asked questions” section available in several languages, where you can find the quick solution to what you are looking for. On our website you can find our team, see what we do, who we are and how we do it. In addition, we are up to date with news or changes in the sector and we share them with you on our social networks.

Over 1,500,000 guests have been processed by our app resulting in 5-star ratings.

Compared to similar companies, we have the best ratings and opinions. Our credibility speaks for itself, more than 400 reviews.

In addition, we have won three awards:

Shortzy 2020 as the best web/app solution

2020 Evolution Award for innovative capacity

-“Andalucía Emprende” we won the “Crea winner 2020” category for our technological innovation.

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6.- Automatic passenger book

According to Royal Decree 2877/1982, of October 15, on the management of tourist apartments and tourist vacation homes, a guest record book must be kept up to date with the signatures of all the clients that the stay has had in the last 3 years.

With Check-in Scan, you can rest assured. The application automatically generates the book with all the check-ins made and the clients' signatures.

Therefore, in the event of an inspection, you would only have to visit the web control panel and show or download said book.

7.- Multi languages ​​and self-checking with QR Code

As our priority lies in our customers, our application and website offer several languages ​​to help the customer in the best possible way, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian and Portuguese. If owners use the self check-in option, our app gives them a variety of languages ​​to choose from throughout the check-in process.

In addition, this option can be used through a QR Code which the customer scans from their mobile device and does not even need to go through reception to leave their data.

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