Camping / Rural Hostel

ID and Passport scanner for registering guests in Campsites and Rural hostels with automatic delivery to the police.

"Ana's guests seek to enjoy nature and travel sustainably. But what makes you choose her campsite? Ana's commitment is to offer a quality experience and she’s committed to the environment, for this, she wants to avoid long queues at the front desk of her campsite, at the same time, reduce the time taken to Check-In and eliminate the large expense of paper, something her clients value a lot. In addition, protection and security for her campers, to achieve this, sending the guests information to the authorities in real time is essential.
She likes to have freedom of movement in her campsite and wants to be able to greet several guests at the main and secondary entrance, at any remote access point or wherever she wants with just a mobile phone. Obviously, all of this at an affordable price, she cannot afford large investments in equipment or costs to maintain them."
"Since Ana uses the Check-in Scan tool for her guests' check-ins, she has improved her reputation and the ratings for her campsite."


Quick and Simple
to Implement

No specific scanning equipment required and in just a couple of clicks it is already working. You can identify guests by reservation and import the reservation calendars from the main reservations systems. You can organize guests by plot and bungalows for campsites; and per room or bed for Rural hostels.

  • Integration with the main Channel Managers via iCal imports
  • iCal compatible
  • Identification by plots, bungalows, room and bed
  • Information for INE

Intuitive, Flexible
and Mobile Solution

With no training, all camp site staff can access the same account from their own mobile phones and from anywhere. It is intuitive and with just one call we can solve all your doubts.

  • Multi-agents
  • Spanish and English Technical Support
  • Available on most mobile devices

Saving Time,
Safe and Protected

With facilities for Campsites and Rural Hostels: without 24-hour reception, with remote access, with difficulties in your internet connection...

  • Pre-Check-In before arrival
  • Guest self-registration with QR code
  • Offline, works without internet access
  • 2048-BIT Encryption and SSL

With no Installation fee
or Maintenance Fees

And all this included for an annual fee. You do not need to invest in hardware, nor will you have installation costs or maintenance fees.

  • Unlimited Check-ins / Guests
  • Unlimited agents
  • Free initial test

What are you waiting for to efficiently and safely manage your Hostel or Campsite? Check-In your rural hostel and campsite guests with Check-in Scan and automatically send the guest registration to the police without having to buy an expensive desktop scanner for check-ins.