How to find the issue date on a Passport or ID Card

The issue date on an ID card (DNI if Spanish) or Passport is an important reference as it allows anyone to know if the document is valid or not. It’s quite common knowledge that an ID Card or Passport are important identity documents and even more so when being used to identify travelling guests. For this reason, when creating the “registro de viajeros” or the “guest check-in form” for a rental property, it’s imperative to make sure the travelling documents are in date and up to date.

The “parte de entrada de viajeros“, as you will most likely know, is a document created on the police websites after sending the guest details to them. This process helps register and organise all of the guests that stay in your holiday home.

One of the fields that should be included when sending the guest details to the police and for including on the parte de viajero is the issue date contained within either the passport or ID Card of the guest. This field is available on the identity documents and is not too hard to find. But we have decided to make it easier for you to locate (see below).

Finding the Issue Date on your identity documents for guests checking in themselves

On the other hand, if you are the guest and have arrived to the property and are going to do a Guest Self Check-in, then we are sure you will find this information useful as it will help you locate the ID Issue date on your identity document so you can complete the process. It’s also important to be sure that your identity card has not expired. Depending on the document type and your age, the renewal periods are different. Usually there is not as many problems with an ID card as it is used more frequently than a passport which may be used less and therefore may have expired.

Issue date on Spanish DNI (ID Cards)

Finding the issue date or “fecha de expedición” on a DNI is very easy. On version 2.0 you have to look at the front-left side and it will appear in a square that says “DNI“. The numbers printed on top of the word DNI is the issue date. On version 3.0 you will have to look at the front-right side and it will appear over the smaller profile picture. Just as we show you in this next image below.

6 digits are used in the issue date. Reading from left to right, the first two digits are the day, the third and fourth digits are the month, and the last two digits belong to the year. For example, 280715 means that the DNI was issued on the 28th of July 2015.

Issue date on Passports

The passport or is the identity document of choice for travelling. Finding the issue date on a passport is simpler than on ID cards.

Flip to the main page of the passport. On it you will find your photo and personal details as well as the issue date as well as the expiry date as seen below.


Sending your guest details to the police and keeping a parte de entrada de viajeros for each guest is an important security measure required by law. Having tools at your disposal that makes this quick and easy will help your business grow. The Check-in Scan app makes it easy to register your guests with the police as well as automatically creating the parte de viajero and is available for you to use on any rental property, holiday letting or even for small hotels, saving you time on paperwork and admin but fulfilling your legal obligations as required by Spanish law. Just scan, sign and send!

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