Rural Accommodation

Application for guest registration in Rural Properties with automatic dispatch to the police.

"Alberto has reinvented himself and transformed his old house into a Rural Rental Property, he knows that rural tourism is booming, but it must offer added value and stand out from its competition. The rural tourist seeks to enjoy the environment, tranquility and above all, a rural experience at competitive prices and quality. To be able to keep up, Alberto is concerned, on the one hand, to offer comfort and improve the experience of his guests, who arrive wishing to start their break and do not want to waste time with the long paperwork process of the check-in. On the other hand, he is concerned about the profitability of his property, he has many expenses, he manages it all alone and doesn’t have much time. He needs a tool that allows him to save time and comply with legal requirements in a simple way and of course, at a good price!"
"With Check-in Scan you are doubt free, it is a tailor-made tool, you only need your mobile phone and at any time and place you can Check-In your guests"


Quick and Simple
to Implement

No specific scanner equipment required and in just a couple of clicks it is already working. If you expand the business, you can identify your guests by property and reservation and you can import the reservation calendar of the main reservation systems.

  • Integration with the main Channel Managers and PMS via iCal imports
  • iCal compatible
  • Room identification
  • Information for INE
  • Information for model 179

Intuitive, Flexible
and Mobile Solution

So simple and intuitive that it does not require training or manuals. At any time, you can delegate the Check-In to any other person, friend, employee, etc. Those who can access the same account with their own mobile phones or tablets and from anywhere, you’ll never feel alone as we will be available to help with any doubts.

  • Multi-agents
  • Spanish and English Technical Support
  • Available on most mobile devices

Saving Time,
Safe and Protected

Easy to use whatever the property type and your needs: rural property with remote/keyless entry, electronic lock, without 24h reception, located in an area with little internet connection...

  • Pre-Check-in before arrival
  • Guest self-registration with QR code
  • Offline, works without internet access
  • 2048-BIT Encryption and SSL

Without Installation fee
or Maintenance

All of this included with a price tailored to you, an annual fee without additional installation or maintenance costs or investments.

  • Unlimited Check-ins / Guests
  • Unlimited agents
  • Free initial test

Check-in Scan is the best app to ease the Check-in process for rural properties. Try it and discover how easy it is to scan your client’s ID’s and Passports from your mobile phone and send the guest registration automatically.

*Example of some PMS for the integration with iCal