six and checkin scan

Six Integration and Check-in Scan

SIX , Sextaplanta's cloud management system for hotels and apartments, has joined forces with Check-in Scan to simplify the guest check-in process. This union was achieved through its API, which ensures efficient communication without delays or duplication of data.

This collaboration benefits SIX users as they now have an additional tool to facilitate the registration of their guests. At the same time, Check-in Scan offers a new integration option with SIX, an accessible and reliable price management system.

The main purpose of this union is to improve the customer experience, especially in the registration process, which can often be problematic. Simplifying this process helps reduce the likelihood of bad experiences, improves online reputation, and helps hotels and apartments comply with regulations in Spain and Portugal related to guest registration.

In summary, the integration between SIX and Check-in Scan, carried out through its API, provides users of both applications with a solution to improve their guest experience and optimize registration procedures in the hotel sector. You can learn more in our help article.

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