What is a vacation home and how to register it?

Vacation homes and tourist apartments are increasingly the preferred option for travelers seeking the comfort of a home away from home. For the property owner, the possibility of turning theirs into a tourist home can represent a considerable source of income.

What is a vacation home?

If you have a property that you frequently rent to tourists and advertise on vacation rental websites. That means your property is one of the vacation homes this article refers to. Although, depending on your autonomous community, it may have different regulations.

Can you turn your house into a vacation home?

Yes, but always respecting the law. Otherwise, as a landlord, you may be fined for violating your taxes and financial obligations on the vacation rental. This fine will include both the money that should have been paid to the administration, as well as late payment interest and the corresponding penalties, which will be greater or lesser depending on the severity of the infraction committed.

How to turn my house into a vacation home?

To stay within the order of the law, it is necessary to register your property with the tourist board of the address where you are located. This way you can start renting it.

There you will need to submit a liability declaration so they can stamp it for you. And once it has been sealed, you will take it to the police station corresponding to your area (National Police or Civil Guard, as appropriate).

With the establishment code, provided by the officials, as well as the password and username that is given to each of the vacation homes, you can now start receiving travelers.

Besides registration, do I have other obligations?

  • Entry parts (guest registration form) and log book

The input parts must be completed by the owner, it is possible to do this by computer. However, they are required to be signed by all guests and submitted within a period of less than 24 hours to the appropriate system.

In addition, all these input parts (guest registration forms) will form a log book, which you must maintain and keep up to date, organizing the traveler registration or guest registration.

  • Keep the relative documentation in your vacation home.

All documentation, those that qualify as tourist housing documents, the traveler entry parts (guest registration forms) and the registration book, requires that the Ministry of the Interior be "at all times available to members of the forces." » and is maintained for 3 years.

How do I register a guest?

How do I get all guests to sign the traveler entry portion? Keep in mind that everything said above all comes down to time spent and paperwork. But technology makes this task easier for you and helps speed up these procedures.

As simple as an app:  Check-In Scan , securely scans the details and automatically sends it to the police. When you capture the guest's signature, you create the traveler entry portion (guest registration form) and also the log book that you can download and print with the required 100 to 500 pages. The app can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android. It is easy to use and can be used without an Internet connection - all advantages for both the owner and the guests.

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The information provided is for informational purposes and does not constitute an official publication nor will it be binding.

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