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Guesty and Check-in Scan Integration

Guesty is a software platform designed to optimize and automate property management in the vacation rental sector. It offers various tools such as accounting, analytics, automation, channel management, direct bookings, payment solutions, and revenue management. The platform is suitable for different types of properties such as [...]
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Tokeet and Check-in Scan integration

Tokeet and Check-in Scan come together to facilitate compliance with legal requirements in Spain and Portugal. Tokeet, is an advanced vacation rental management software, intended for vacation rental owners and managers, and offers solutions for channel management, rental automation, owner management and [...]
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Lodgify and Check-in Scan integration

Lodgify is an advanced vacation rental management platform that combines a customizable booking engine, direct integration into property websites, and channel management tools to synchronize bookings across platforms like Airbnb and Its property management system (PMS), along with functionalities for the [...]
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Avaibook and Check-in Scan Integration

AvaiBook is a comprehensive platform for vacation rental management, offering functionalities such as a booking engine, channel management, payment processing, and guest communication tools. Its integration with Check-in Scan, an automated check-in solution, significantly improves the efficiency of the guest check-in process. [...]
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FNSrooms and Check-in Scan integration

The integration of FNSrooms and CheckinScan optimizes the hotel management process by automatically synchronizing reservation data with the check-in system. This synergy eliminates the need for manual data entry, saving time for both hotel staff and guests. Furthermore, it improves the [...]
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Hostaway Integration and Check-in Scan

Hostaway, a leading end-to-end vacation rental management software, has partnered with Check-in Scan to further enhance its features for property managers. This alliance allows users to optimize operations on various platforms such as Airbnb and, offering tools for automated management [...]

Six Integration and Check-in Scan

SIX, Sextaplanta's cloud management system for hotels and apartments, has joined forces with Check-in Scan to simplify the guest registration process. This union was achieved through its API, which ensures efficient communication without delays or duplication of data. This collaboration benefits [...]
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365Villas Integration and Check-in Scan

The integration of Check-in Scan and 365Villas simplifies the check-in process by automatically transferring essential guest data, such as names, emails and phone numbers, without requiring manual entry. This not only saves property managers time, but also improves the customer experience.

What is a vacation home and how to register it?

Vacation homes and tourist apartments are increasingly the preferred option for travelers seeking the comfort of a home away from home. For the property owner, the possibility of converting his property into a tourist home can represent a considerable source of income.
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How to find the issue date on your DNI or Passport

How to find the date of issue on the DNI or Passport The date of issue of the DNI or Passport is an important reference because it is used to know its validity. It is evident that the DNI or Passport are important documents and even more so to be identified when traveling. [...]

How to travel through Europe in times of Covid-19

How to travel to Spain in times of Covid-19: In Spain, EU Digital Covid Certificates are needed to enter the country. Travelers must have a vaccination certificate or a negative test result to enter the country. This also applies to countries outside the EU.

10 tips for traveling cheap

1 Book in advance When looking for cheap flight tickets or cheap accommodation prices, try to book in advance. Prices are much cheaper this way and you have many more options at your disposal. 2 Avoid the most touristy places Tourist places are characterized by their high [...]

The best places to visit in Andalusia, Spain

Malaga: When visiting Malaga, there are 7 places you have to see. Malaga is a city mixed with old and new buildings that attract attention. The Cathedral of Malaga is located in the center. This enormous 17th century building is one of the many places that you cannot miss.

What is online hotel check-in and why do it?

Online hotel check-in is a process that allows guests to register at the hotel before arriving at their room. This option has become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to the convenience and speed it offers. With online check-in, [...]

Changes in the regulations for registering lodging activities

 Royal Decree 933/2021, of October 26, which establishes the obligations of documentary registration and information of natural or legal persons who carry out lodging and motor vehicle rental activities. Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on the protection of citizen security, [...]
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7 reasons to choose Check-in Scan

1.- Scan, Sign and Send traveler reports to the police in seconds! According to Order INT/1922/2003, of July 3, on traveler registration books and entry reports, owners who rent their establishments must collect information from their guests and send it to the police before [...]
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Android updates

Check-in Scan app update 03-01-2022 Android version 3.2.24 Changed Added button to check-in in test mode (in the app settings view) Demo mode removed Referral button temporarily hidden Fix and visual fixes in some views Additional Information -Updated: 01-03-2022 -Weight: 78M -Current version: 3.2.24 -Minimum requirements: 2 megapixel [...]
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iOS updates

Check-in Scan app update 03-01-2022 iPhone version 3.2.37 Changes Added button to check-in in trial mode (in the app settings view) Demo mode removed Referral button temporarily hidden Fix and visual fixes in some views Additional Information -Updated: 03-01-2022 -Weight: 135MB -Current version: 3.2.37 -Minimum requirements: iPhone 6 [...]
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